Khamis, 11 November 2010 will be end of semester 3~

A lots of thing is done..many thing that i supose to achieve in my goal is to far ..i must get it for my future and life.thanks to all that cheer up my day and thanks also to person that make my heart hurt.all that give me a new life and spirit to get move on in this always like that as we smile its like world is ours and as we sad its like spin and give us a long time to done it..
all this around in my surronding.i hope that what i get is my afford and thats make me live healthy..
to all my friend you all always make me happy even there still some misunderstanding or loss of conection but i feel that im the great and thankful to have u together in this world .i love u all as much as i love my life.actually this year is not interesting for me..there many moment that make me sad,i like to cry and smile,thats the best medicine to make my mood come back.. :)

yea,my music done my day completely,smooth n calm to hear..i like art even im not one of person that expert on that.haha..whats im tring to say..this all is just babbling from my heart.hehe
chill and cool that my trade~ all of u must always make ur heart smile because that is ur luxurius thing in the world..

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