Jumaat, 12 Ogos 2011

a little bit of my day..

Like always as a student there is nothing to stop assignment giving from lecturer and presentation also test..quit difficult to us to done all of them because the time to submit is too short ..I need a rest! i need my beauty sleep! i need my time to hang wit my friends!..arghhhh.it give me a bunch of tensioNN!. Can u all imagine what is happen to me now?? i hope u will..
  I wish i will have someone that will help me to settle it..ahaks..
(ko ingt ni zaman alladin..nk wish2.huhu). 
Yaallah, Final is too near with us.. i not ready at all..give us time to study and will do the best when the day is arrived.amin..
This Ramadhan is mean to me..i got a lot of memories with all people that near to me..thank you so much!
thats all~

p/s: im not in mood ~

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