Isnin, 31 Disember 2012

hello buddies! miss u.. im officially Diploma Holder..cehhh.opsss..haluu geng bloggers n stalker..
long time no really busy in finished my first sem in degree.
Now, i have a little time to update my sweet blog..
my darls semua mesti nak tgok pic konvo saye kan..i put it down there just scroll ur mouse..huhu
bagi yg tertanya-tanya whether i sihat or not is i always sihat n happy here..
Sarawak is a culture state and the people also nice n will make u comfort stay at here..
one thing that i really can't accept is their local food..haha(almaklumla saya cerewet..)

i must be patient stay  here and must full it with sweet memories because this is my study life and there is no more experience that i will get and it is to thnkfull to my parents because always support me
 ( mane tak yer first2 duk sini ,anak darew cik juhari ni nangis mcm
  kene tinggal kt GREECE je..padahal SRWK je kot..ape jek la.haha)
ape pon, i must pretend that im happy here although not, because this will effect org2 yg saya sayang. kalau saya tak happy mesti dyorang sedih + risau + bertambah-tambah bebel ye (bile call)..hahaha
i hope uoll mendoakan kejayaan saya disini and 
satu je niat saye datang sini is for study kerana ALLAH TAALA..
thats all for now, i will see uoll soon for more photo n story ya!

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